Located in the luxurious Mamilla neighborhood of Jerusalem (on King David Street), Huvy’s Art Gallery is the exclusive retailer of Huvy’s art. The Gallery is adjacent to three of Jerusalem’s prime hotels: The Waldorf Astoria, David’s Citadel and The King David. It is also conveniently situated within walking distance from the Western Wall. Hence the Gallery is easily accessible for tourists.

Having been in existence for fifteen years, the Gallery exhibits a wide array of Huvy’s works; displaying a multifaceted range of topics, colors and sizes. The works are either oils (done on canvas or on wood), pastels, charcoals or watercolors. Special Mixed Medias are available upon request. The work’s of some other well known Israeli artist’s (Agam, Castel, Mani Katz) are also on display at the Gallery.

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The topics range from lively Judaic scenes depicting many aspects of Traditional Jewish life and society, to breathtaking landscapes portraying many of the finest views of Israel’s greenery. The works showing on display radiate life and energy.

Many of Huvys works is shown at Waldorf Astoria Hotel less than one minute walk from Huvys Gallery

People who appreciate upscale art and value tradition will definitely appreciate a visit to the Gallery and will most probably become returning clients

Come visit Huvy’s Gallery and brighten up your day!