Fine Art Gallery Jerusalem

Works of art represents different themes across varying genres. The art usually focuses on ideas that stand in the center of creation, providing a unique fingerprint. Fine art is a genre within itself, which aims to bring the beauty of art to center of the stage, or rather the unique idea that it is based […]

Contemporary Judaica Art

here are many genres in art. These genres manifest different ideas, some of which are innovative and contemporary, while some are older.

Huvy paintings

Oil painting and other paintings will never be the same. There will always be artists who will surprise us. Artists will always be able to renew the creation by adding colors, changing a style or unique print of their creations. It’s also accurate when we see huvy paintings. Huvy’s gallery always provides its visitors with […]

Jewish art gallery

Israeli art Galleries In Israel you can find many galleries that carry specifically Jewish & Israeli Art. Jewish art goes back for centuries, but modern times have seen nothing less than an explosion of art in the Jewish and Israeli world. Both in fine art as well as Judaica, Israeli artists such as Yair Emanuel, […]

Jewish art for sale

Hebrew art Jewish art comes from all over the globe; from India in the east to the USA in the west. Beauty, elegance and astounding attention to detail combine to form a magical synergy that imbues Jewish objects. The Jewish tradition of enhancing a commandment by using especially beautiful objects. Jews managed to put the […]

Judaica paintings for sale

Judaica paintings Judaica paintings express something inexplicable – feeling, sensation, emotion and spirituality. The various levels and layers of paint correspond to different possible interpretations of the work. This presents an opportunity for new ways of seeing and understanding the familiar – refreshing a form of communication that enhances the experience of ordinary life. Here […]

A Letter from Huvy


July 13  2017–5:20 PM   The search for the truth about our world and ourselves must be vigorously pursued.  We must be as honest as we are resolute and when our search is accompanied by faith and simplicity we have no lingering doubts or paralyzing impasses, only joyous contempt.  The root of all reaching and […]

The Spies


This picture is presently has been chosen by US Ambassador David Friedman to be on display in his new office at the brand-new US Embassy in Jerusalem.   It is an Original Huvy Oil work, with Dimensions of 2M x 1.40M. Biblical background to picture: The Spies sent by Moses to spy on the land of […]