A Letter from Huvy


July 13  2017–5:20 PM   The search for the truth about our world and ourselves must be vigorously pursued.  We must be as honest as we are resolute and when our search is accompanied by faith and simplicity we have no lingering doubts or paralyzing impasses, only joyous contempt.  The root of all reaching and […]

The Spies


This picture is presently has been chosen by US Ambassador David Friedman to be on display in his new office at the brand-new US Embassy in Jerusalem.   It is an Original Huvy Oil work, with Dimensions of 2M x 1.40M. Biblical background to picture: The Spies sent by Moses to spy on the land of […]

Ambassador David Friedman

It is a well-known fact that on May 14,2018 Ambassador David Friedman (on behalf of the Trump administration) opened the new US Embassy in Jerusalem Israel.   It is a less well-known fact, that Ambassador Friedman visited Huvy’s Gallery just a few weeks earlier.  During that visit he chose a very unique work of art […]

Display in the Luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel

lively wedding picture This happy and lively wedding picture depicts the vivacious artist Huvy.  As an original Huvy’s Oil Work; it is presently on display in the Luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem.     In this Blue Hasidic Duo Huvy displays an amazing sense of energy and movement. She keeps people wondering what these […]