There are many genres in art. These genres manifest different ideas, some of which are innovative and contemporary, while some are older. Contemporary Judaica Art presents the Jewish signs that are familiar to us in a more ingenious way and therefore manages to reach many more people who are connected to the idea and the style itself. Judaica, as well as Jewish art, is based mainly on culture and Jewish tradition, all of which has been accompanying us for thousands of years. Innovation in this form of art adds a great deal of interest and transforms the works of art and every painting into real magic.

In the city of Jerusalem, there are countless beautiful galleries and museums that offer works by Israeli artists. Artists, like Agam, are very connected to Judaism and in their work, which displayed on the walls and are manifested in the form of familiar signs from religion to tradition. At Huvy’s gallery we can see a selection of work, presenting contemporary Judaica art. The combination of innovative, modern and more contemporary pieces together with the tradition of thousands of years forges a very meaningful and powerful creation.

Modern Jewish art in Israel

Contemporary Jewish art, similar to any other type of contemporary art, puts the artist their creation in the center. Modern art is sometimes associated with local polica, an art that engages in various social issues. When it is combined with contemporary Judaica art, there is a greater expression of issues that are not only related to the Jewish tradition itself, but rather a global issue of great importance. Contemporary art may be less understandable and complex; However, that is exactly what makes it so much more appealing and extraordinary.

The Huvy’s gallery is located in the center of Jerusalem, near the city’s largest and most famous hotels. It is with great pleasure to welcome you. You will be able to relax and admire a variety of works of Jewish art derived from different time periods, including pieces that combine judaica roots with the new and modern in addition to works showing the history of Jerusalem, landscapes, flowers and more. If you are interested in Jewish contemporary art, you are invited to the Huvy’s gallery to watch the many works that adorn the walls. You will find that these works of art will decorate the space while simultaneously tell us a story about the artist, the time in which they lived and of course the Jewish tradition itself.