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Oil painting and other paintings will never be the same. There will always be artists who will surprise us. Artists will always be able to renew the creation by adding colors, changing a style or unique print of their creations. It’s also accurate when we see huvy paintings. Huvy’s gallery always provides its visitors with a collection of new thoughts, emotions and different perspectives. In our gallery, you can feel the strong connection to time and place from the history of Jerusalem and Judaism.

Huvy gallery is a place that is not only accessible for viewing extraordinary pieces of art, but visitors also have the opportunity to purchase select pieces of art as well. The gallery is a place where you can learn about history and the environment from which the artist draws ideas. Huvy’s gallery is located in the heart of Jerusalem, in the center of Mamilla neighborhood. The gallery presents a variety of Judaica works, and artifacts made by Israeli artists. Huvy paintings are exhibited in the gallery, guests and visitors will be able to admire the masterpieces displayed.

Gallery for Paintings

Discover Something New Every Time

In the city of Jerusalem, there are numbers of beautiful galleries and museums, offering works by famous Israeli artists. Some of the them are very connected to Judaism and visitors can see an impressive and diverse works such as sculptures, paintings and Jewish ceremonial art. Huvy paintings presents a spectacular selection of Jewish art from different periods. These works illustrate the colorful richness that characterizes the various of Jewish motifs, and the special elements that take part in it. Jewish art is famous and well-known in most of the world, it is manifested in a wide variety of forms. It’s a visual art that expresses the Jewish tradition, religion, culture, and its important values.

Huvy’s gallery located in jerusalem the “city of gold”. Its operating for more than 15 years. The place exhibits paintings of the magical landscapes of Israel and Jerusalem, magnificent and gorgeous florals with impressive textures and colors. The paintings in the gallery, and the various Judaica works are suitable for the decoration of the house or any other space. For this reason, many visitors come to the gallery to be impressed, seen and bought from a selection of impressive artifacts.

We invite you to a mystical, spiritual and impressive experience that will remain in your memories for a long time.