Israeli art Galleries

In Israel you can find many galleries that carry specifically Jewish & Israeli Art.

Jewish art goes back for centuries, but modern times have seen nothing less than an explosion of art in the Jewish and Israeli world. Both in fine art as well as Judaica, Israeli artists such as Yair Emanuel, David Gerstein, David Fisher and others have made their mark. Of course, the early 20th century works of Marc Chagall have stood the test of time and have only grown in value.

Extensive Jewish Art Gallery from the Top Israeli Artists

The art world has seen a movement away from high art and a return to crafts. This trend is certainly visible in Israel today, where you can find boutiques everywhere selling the local and the hand made. Part of this trend is due to an interest in politically and socially responsible purchasing, the desire to know exactly where our money goes.

Israeli & Jewish art Galleries  are chock-full of local and international Jewish art, boasting talents from all walks of life who use Jewish motifs, biblical inspiration and ancient symbolism in their progressive works. Museums and galleries from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem host both burgeoning and veteran artists, showcasing their work in innovative and interactive ways. Here are our top choices for all those art lovers and Judaica enthusiasts out there.


Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People

Tel Aviv – Jaffa

A Jewish art Gallery, the museu, uses murals, reconstructions, dioramas, audio-visual displays, documentary films, and interactive multimedia presentations, Beit Hatfutsot conveys to the world the fascinating narrative of the Jewish people and the essence of the Jewish culture, faith, purpose, and deed while presenting the contribution of world Jewry to humanity.

Eretz Israel Museum

Tel Aviv – Jaffa

Unique for a number of reasons, the Eretz Israel Museum is especially unusual because its grounds encompass the archeological site of Tel Qasile, dating back to the 12th century B.C.E. The museum houses impressive, permanent collections of coins, mosaics, and Jewish folkloric objects from various periods and regions.

The Israel Museum

Neve Sha’anan

Arguably Israel’s most magnificent cultural asset, the Israel Museum is consistently ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. Housing encyclopedic collections with works dating from prehistory to the present day in archaeology, fine art, and Jewish art, this is the place to get schooled on Israel’s 5,000-year history.

U Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art

Jerusalem City Center

A gem of a museum tucked away in the city center that is dedicated to preserving documentation and artwork concerning Jewish life in Italy over the better part of the past millennium. A number of temporary exhibits are held throughout the year covering a wide range of topics related to Italian Jewry, as well as conferences, concerts, and guided tours suitable for all ages and interest

Huvy’s Gallery

Jerusalem King David Mamilla

Located in the luxurious Mamilla neighborhood of Jerusalem (on King David Street), Huvy’s Art Gallery is the exclusive retailer of Huvy’s art. The Gallery is adjacent to three of Jerusalem’s prime hotels: The Waldorf Astoria, David’s Citadel and The King David. It is also conveniently situated within walking distance from the Western Wall. Hence the Gallery is easily accessible for tourists.

Having been in existence for fifteen years, this Jewish art Gallery exhibits a wide array of Huvy’s works; displaying a multifaceted range of topics, colors and sizes. The works are either oils (done on canvas or on wood), pastels, charcoals or watercolors. Special Mixed Medias are available upon request. The work’s of some other well known Israeli artist’s (Agam, Castel, Mani Katz) are also on display at the Gallery.