Judaica paintings

Judaica paintings express something inexplicable – feeling, sensation, emotion and spirituality. The various levels and layers of paint correspond to different possible interpretations of the work. This presents an opportunity for new ways of seeing and understanding the familiar – refreshing a form of communication that enhances the experience of ordinary life.

Here are some notable galleries with Judaica paintings for sale:

Reuven Rubin Museum

A few steps away from the Bauhaus Museum on Bialik Street, the Reuven Rubin Museum was where the eponymous Israeli artist lived and worked. Rubin’s work is on permanent display, and the museum features alternating exhibitions showcasing other Israeli artists.

The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art

The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art showcases the versatile Israeli artist’s vast oeuvre of paintings, illustrations, and writings. The enchanting little museum, housed in the historical Writers House, also has an arts and crafts section for children.

Farkash Gallery

On top of the usual art exhibited in Israeli galleries, the Farkash Gallery goes above and beyond with out-of-the-box additions. They bring a unique twist to the Jewish art scene with collections of rare original Israeli posters covering a range of topics like Tourism, Advertisements, Israeli movies and Military. Throughout the years, the gallery has exhibited its artwork in numerous international exhibitions and has also gained high recognition within Israel itself.

Stern Gallery

This gallery first started in London under the name Stern art dealers. In 1971, Meir Stern immigrated to Tel Aviv where he opened his newest establishment, Stern Gallery. From the getgo, Stern Gallery exhibited the most established names in Jewish and Israeli art from all over the world, and it didn’t take long for him to assume prominence in the Israeli art market scene. Stern prides himself on professionalism, reliability and only the highest quality of Jewish art and artists.

Huvy’s Gallery

Located in the luxurious Mamilla neighborhood of Jerusalem (on King David Street), Huvy’s Art Gallery is the exclusive retailer of Huvy’s art. This Jewish art Gallery exhibits a wide array of Jewish themed paintings; displaying a multifaceted range of topics, colors and sizes. The Judaica paintings for sale are either oils (done on canvas or on wood), pastels, charcoals or watercolors. Special Mixed Medias are available upon request. The work’s of some other well known Israeli artist’s (Agam, Castel, Mani Katz) are also on display at the Gallery.