A Letter from Huvy

July 13  2017–5:20 PM


The search for the truth about our world and ourselves must be vigorously pursued.  We must be as honest as we are resolute and when our search is accompanied by faith and simplicity we have no lingering doubts or paralyzing impasses, only joyous contempt.  The root of all reaching and practice makes one truly alive and successful.  Therefore, it is the answer to the work I do!  My work is the paintings that I produce.  The solution to my world (and those who appreciate my work across the globe) is to bring happiness into people’s homes.  That is what people search for and I want to help them.


We have been given the gift to absorb the miracles that G-d has put into the world.  There is no shame to the wonders of the world.  The biggest show on earth is the wind and the clouds dancing, the sea—and all that is in it, the woods that flourish with the colors of those amazing little flowers.  The trees and grass in the woods.  The Birds and the animals –these all represent a mere glimpse of the amazing world that G-d created.  There is no limit to G-d’s wonders.  So, I paint nonstop and express my love and thanks to the Creator who has brought me and the world so much happiness.  I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful gifts he has given me.   Especially the orchestra of my colorful palate—that is truly my music!!  My canvas thanks both me and the L-rd that I have been blessed with the ability to cover it with my love of the work I do!!!