Dance 6


cm95x85 inch37x33

Highest bid $1100

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The winner

The winner of a bid can expect to receive his bid approximately 21 Business days after the Bid is finished.

After someone make a regular purchase at the gallery, he can expect to receive his Mix Media approximately 60 Business days after the purchase. fedex


Regarding Israeli taxation VAT:

Anyone who purchases at the gallery or website including on line auction,

Please note that all sales from the Gallery and from the website including on line auction.

  • If the purchase will be shipped abroad from the Gallery by FedEx—then there is no VAT charge.
  • If the purchase is meant to stay in Israel then there will be a VAT charge.
  • If the purchaser at the Gallery wishes to carry the merchandise on the plane with him—then he must request from the gallery a VAT form, pay the VAT up front, and at the airport go to the VAT booth and receive his money back (he can be expected to receive approximately 90% of his VAT fee back from the VAT office).