The term “Jewish art” is a broad concept since Judaism is not only a religion, but also is a culture. Jewish people throughout history have lived in different areas of the world and tried to maintain a traditional lifestyle in different environments. Therefore, their affinity with Judaism was also influenced by the environment in which they lived. This is why Jewish art is so expansive, as well as the art manifested and inspired by it. Archaeological excavations and discoveries in Israel found that the Jewish art in most cases was linked to religion. For this reason, many art dealers throughout history have offered original jewish art for sale.
Judaism is not only a religion, it is a well-developed and ancient culture. This culture includes an ancient tradition that characterizes the Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora. This culture is characterized by a close relationship to Jerusalem and Judaica artifacts. The Ten Commandments states: “You will not make a sculpture and any picture…”. According to this passage, Jewish people should not engage in art at all. But the greatest figures from the Torah and other sages realized that Jewish art is permissible as long as it is not used for worship.


Ancient and Modern Art in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, a number of institutions and galleries for contemporary Jewish art can be found throughout the city. The galleries deal with the encounter between contemporary art and the world of Jewish content. For several decades, the city has been exhibiting historical, modern and temporary art, some art is for display only, while others for sale. Since Jerusalem is a center for the pilgrimage of guests and tourists from Israel and the world, many Israeli artists and from other countries choose to create and present Jewish art for sale in the city.
Jerusalem, throughout history and today, serves as the center of Jewish culture. The city offers many historical sites and impressive places that accompany the Jewish heritage from the biblical period to the present. In Jerusalem, there is a wide variety of galleries that have Jewish art from all periods.
Huvy’s gallery has been operating in the city for 15 years. Visitors also have the opportunity to purchase select pieces of art as well. The gallery walls are very impressive and present original jewish art for sale and painting from different periods of Jewish culture.