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Modern Judaica

Modern Art in Jerusalem

The term Judaica is familiar to all of us, but it is not necessarily understandable to all of us. When we speak about Judaica, whether it is modern Judaica or any other Judaica, we usually think of Jewish art which includes various objects, Jewish ceremonial art expressing the Jewish tradition and the meaning of these objects in the daily life of the Jews. these can be objects and articles of sanctity such as: Tallit, shofar, the Torah and various religious artifacts like the holy scriptures, ancient copies of writings, Shabbat lamps, star of david and other objects used by Jews.

Modern Art in Jerusalem Modern Art in Jerusalem

Many Israeli artists and Jewish artists from all over the world often tend to combine their paintings with elements that come from the world of Judaism and from Jewish traditions. Modern Judaica combines the history of Jewish culture and its existence today. modern Judaica relies on the roots of Jewish culture and tradition and attempts to adapt it to technology and knowledge that exists today. We can see it in the lobby of Huvy’s gallery, where beautiful artworks are displayed; some of which we can define as “modern Judaica“.


Jewish Art in the Past and Present

Modern Judaica is loved by many, including people from Jewish faith ranging from secular to religious Jew. Today, and in almost every home in Israel, we will see candlesticks, menorah and other elements relating to the Jewish tradition. These ancient pieces of Jewish ceremonial art, as well as works of art expressing the ancient tradition, accompany many families over many years and are of great importance, as they pass down Jewish tradition.

Jewish Art in the Past and Present Jewish Art in the Past and Present

Jerusalem, as the most central and most significant city of Judaism, is the perfect place to view and buy artifacts. The Huvy’s gallery, which is located in the center of Jerusalem, provides a place of respect for Jewish art, works of fine art and modern Judaica. The gallery, which has been operating in the city for over 15 years, manifests various concepts which are presented on canvas and wood. Among the works presented, we can find the works of world renowned Israeli artists, such as Mani Katz, Castel and Agam. It is evident that Judaism has influenced the work of those artists, and it is possible to see that in almost every painting. It is without doubt that every piece of art found at Huvy’s gallery manifests great meaning and significance.